The Perfect Man: 7 Characters From Books That All Women Dream Of

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The world of books, as well as the world of video games and casino games, for example in such an institution as 22 Bet, in the section 22Bet slots, has an amazing property to transfer the reader into a completely different reality. Being carried away by this or that book, it is easy to get lost, erasing the line between reality and fiction, created by some of the world’s greatest authors, making us go all the way along with the characters, experiencing the same as they do.


The world’s literature is full of all kinds of characters: positive, negative, romantic, warlike, strong-willed, weak, iconic, etc. Probably each of us since our school years, after reading a love novel or any other work with a charming protagonist, is full of dreams of meeting one on his way. Even as a mature and self-sufficient woman, after reading the next book often subconsciously catch yourself thinking, “Why are there no such men in real life?”


In the classics of world literature and among the modern bestsellers there are so many detailed descriptions of male characters, so charming, that it is difficult to resist the burning desire to bring them to life and stay with them for life. Especially since you realize that this is an ideal, and ideals in real life do not exist. So, let’s take a look at some of the best men of your dreams that you can meet in the pages of your favorite book…

1. Charles d’Artagnan (“The Three Musketeers,” Alexandre Dumas)

Ah, that sweet tomboy Charles d’Artagnan… Dumas gives room for imagination in his description of Gascon’s appearance, his young summers are quite clearly indicated. Perhaps Chris O’Donnell’s appearance better suits the character.


One can argue endlessly about who was the true evil to the state in the novel-the windy queen who betrayed her country and husband, or the cardinal who was ready to lead the traitors of the fatherland to the scaffold. Maybe the Musketeers were heroic and made sacrifices for the queen, such a feat unworthy? Whatever the case may be, you want a man who is ready to defend the honor of the beautiful ladies. Well, if Charles is too impudent for you, surely you appreciate the wisdom and nobility of Athos, Count de La Fère. Are we right?

2. Christian Grey (“Fifty Shades of Grey,” Erica Leonard James)

This is probably the freshest male character in literature I’d want to revive for myself. Well, who wouldn’t want to meet an amazingly sexy, charming, educated, and successful entrepreneur who is undoubtedly the subject of many modern women’s fantasies? Christian Grey combines nobility and vice. Yes, yes, with him, even BDSM seems not something scary and immoral, but romantic – a love game with the highest level of trust. How you would love to see such a handsome, intelligent, and mysterious man with a heart of gold next to me, raring to conquer the hunger of the planet…

3. Fitzwilliam Darcy (“Pride and Prejudice,” Jane Austen)

Now, this is a classic of both the work and the character. Mr. Darcy is the classic character of the best man in the world, having been around since the 1800s, but his age only adds to his appeal. No one knows what it is that makes him so irresistible: his self-confidence, his light touch of arrogance, or the passionate love he has for Elizabeth and his abiding sense of moral obligation, but Mr. Darcy has a kind of timeless charm that makes him so perfect. What’s more, Darcy’s piquancy and allure were given by the scene in the film where Colin Firth (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”, “The King’s Speech”) comes out of the lake in a wet white shirt… How can you not get your heart racing?

4. Philip Pirrip (Pip) (“Great Expectations,” Charles Dickens)

Philip is a surprisingly complex character. His love is sincere and pure, and he also has an amazing thirst to succeed and improve himself in every way: morally, socially, financially, and educationally. He always has a dream and a clear goal, certain expectations, and hopes for the future. Here they are, ambition! Still, he is somewhat of an idealist, seeing the world only in black and white, while there are so many halftones. And after achieving his goals and becoming a gentleman, Philip Pirrip (alas and ah) began to behave a little snobbishly and coldly. But he still remains one of my favorite male characters.

5. Edward Fairfax Rochester (Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte)

Ah, Mr. Rochester! In fact, one can even turn a blind eye to his crazy wife locked in the attic. We all subconsciously gravitate toward bad boys, and Mr. Rochester has just the right balance of looming anger and passion for which to turn a blind eye to all his faults. He may be mysterious, rude, and unkind, but he is extremely intelligent, kind and treats Jane as an equal, noting her intelligence and strength despite the fact that in Victorian England men were considered superior to women. If only Edward Rochester were real, he would be the most enviable groom on the planet.

6. Edward Cullen (“Twilight,” by Stephenie Meyer)

Even if you’re not a fan of the Twilight saga, it’s hard to deny that this character is one of the most popular characters in the genre of vampire books and movies. There is something special about him that makes him fascinate even the most skeptical individuals, and it is clearly not Robert Pattison (“Cute Friend,” “Cosmopolis”)… The character of Edward Cullen is truly mesmerizing. Stephany Meyer describes him as impossibly handsome, with perfect facial features and a slender, muscular body (who got a subtitle Pattison for the role, huh?). He seduces not with his dangerous nature, but with something mysterious, charming, and completely genuine that is unique to him…

7. James Bond (The “Agent 007” book series, Ian Fleming)

Probably one of the most famous womanizers in the history of world literature, James Bond is a gallant cavalier. He is handsome and charming, self-assured and cold-blooded, able to protect in any situation, and he also has all those gadgets and other cool gadgets… Suffice it to think of the amazing Sean Connery (“Highlander”, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”), who became one of the best incarnations of the hero on the screen. Admit it, wouldn’t you like to be a Bond girl? And, of course, be the one, after a meeting with this rooster completely forget about the other beauties.

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