How To Rotate Screen Windows 8 Shortcut Key in 2021

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Rotate Screen Windows 8 Shortcut

If you want to rotate your computer or tablet screen to play a video game or view an image in a special format, you will need to know some menus and keyboard shortcuts. Discover them and you can rotate the screen on Windows 8, Android or iOS whenever you want. You can watch seriesflix at windows 8 and also you can rotate windows screen.

Most operating systems allow screen rotation , even those that use cell phones and tablets, such as iOS and Android. This function is extremely useful, especially if you want to maximize the gaming experience, see an image that was taken in vertical / horizontal format or maybe to correct an accidental setting.

Discover how to Rotate Screen Windows 8 Shortcut , Android or iOS with just a few clicks and enjoy every one of your pixels.

Rotate Screen Windows 8 Shortcut

Turning the screen around in Windows 10 is very simple. If you have an older version, don't worry! Most of these methods work with Windows 7 and Windows 8 .

#1 Shortcut to Rotate screen windows 8 with a keyboard

You can rotate the screen of a laptop or computer 90°, 180°, 270° or 360° with a simple keyboard shortcut. To do this, you will need to press Ctrl + Alt + any of the cursor keys.

Let's see how it's done. If you press Ctrl + Alt + Down , the Windows desktop will rotate 180°, like this:

With Ctrl + Alt + Up , everything will go back to normal. To rotate the screen vertically, press Ctrl + Alt + Left or Right and you will get this result:

To learn more about Windows keyboard shortcuts , visit the Microsoft Support Center.

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#2 Rotate the screen with «Settings»

If you don't want to use keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen in Windows 10 , go to “Settings” . You can do this in several ways:

  1. Right-clicking the Windows icon or Windows + X shortcut After opening the menu, click on “Settings” .

  1. By typing "Configuration" in the Cortana box and selecting the application directly:

Once there, click on "System"

In the left menu of the screen, click on “Screen” and set the orientation: horizontal, vertical, left or right.

You can also access this menu by right-clicking on any empty space on the desktop. Then select "Display Settings" :

After setting the screen orientation, the system will rotate and ask you to confirm your decision. If you click “Keep changes” , screen mode will be activated. If you click on «Revert» , the screen will return to its previous orientation.

What happens if the targeting option doesn't appear in the “Settings” menu?

If the "Settings" menu does not show the option to rotate your computer or laptop screen , you may have some outdated drivers.

Check if the graphics card and screen drivers are up to date by going to the «Control Panel» , «Device Manager» or by directly accessing the Windows quick menu with the Windows keyboard shortcut + X :

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#3 Rotate the screen by moving your tablet or smartphone

Windows 10 tablets and smartphones rotate their screen automatically depending on the device orientation . So if you want the screen to rotate, just move it.

If you do this and the screen is still in the same position – or if you want to disable automatic rotation in Windows – go to the «Notifications» icon and enable or disable this option. You can also access this menu with the Windows keyboard shortcut + A :

If you prefer, you can lock or unlock automatic rotation in "Settings" , "System" , "Screen" , "Rotation Lock" , as shown in the image:

#4 Rotate screen by graphics card settings

You can rotate the screen in Windows 8 – or earlier versions – from your computer's or laptop's video card options. For example, to do this with an Intel board, click on an empty space on the desktop with the right mouse button and select «Graphics properties» .

Once in the Intel menu, make sure "Basic Mode" is selected and click "Accept"

Finally, choose the type of screen rotation from the drop-down menu and click “OK” to finish.

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How to Rotate the screen on Android or iOS

Handheld devices have automatic screen rotation options. On Android , you can enable or disable it in the “Quick settings” menu Swipe down to access the status bar and click the screen rotation option to lock or unlock it.

On iOS, go to “Control Center” and look for an icon that has a lock and rotation arrow similar to this one:

If the icon is green, automatic rotation is activated. If it's red, it's off. If the screen of your iPhone, iPod or iPad does not turn on the main section support of Apple .

BONUS: The iPad includes a side option button that you can assign to lock or unlock automatic screen rotation. To activate it, go to “Settings” , “General” and activate the option in the corresponding box.

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