Numbing Cream For Skin-Ways To Painless Procedures

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Skin is the site of sense but sometimes it needs to be made senseless using numbing cream for skin to carry out some important skin treatments and procedures. The skin of the body, will not be wrong, to title it as the outermost cover of the body providing a layout to any individual’s body structure. Being outermost layer, skin also goes through various kinds of disturbances caused due to incidents, accidents, or sudden environmental changes affecting drastically its texture and skin health. To neutralize these skin discomforts many skin treatments and skin procedures need to be accomplished. No pain no gain stands the fact, in talk of these procedures but in recent times, numbing cream for skin are gaining popularity in course of providing painless treatments or with as minimal pain as possible.

Numbing cream when applied to a particular skin area, numbs or desensitizes the skin area. It uses the working process of blocking the pain receptors beneath the skin thus, restricting the skin to send or transmit the pain signals to the brain. It results in temporary loss of sensitivity over the particular skin area and reduces the severity of pain.

The most unique quality of numbing creams is that it provides insensitivity particularly to a definite skin site where the numbing creams are applied without applying the paralyzing effect to the whole body. This is the prime reason that the importance of numbing cream is increasing in medical and casual aspects with its demands in the charts.

Numbing cream for skin constitutes active ingredients in definite proportions to provide a numbing effect on the skin. These active ingredients are as follows-

  • Lidocaine
  • Benzocaine
  • Pramoxine
  • Dibucaine
  • Tetracaine

Among the above-listed ingredients, lidocaine accounts for the most effective and rapid relief from skin discomforts and is commonly used for immediate and emergent purposes.

The amount of numbing cream to be applied over the skin area depends upon the skin type, skin sensitivity over that particular area and the intensity of treatment to be carried out on the skin.

Numbing cream for skin provides their start of numbing effect within 30 to 60 minutes of the application over the skin area and the numbing effect lasts longs for about 3 to 4 hours time period after removal of cream from the skin. These also follow a definite type of application procedure over the skin before any treatment or procedure including skin numbing for their better effects.

Different application areas of numbing cream for skin

  1. In medical and surgical procedures- many doctors, and surgeons prefer applying numbing cream before carrying out minor surgeries and treatments over the skin, to prevent the sensation of pain at the surgery site and finish the treatment with a painless experience. For example- root canal surgeries, mole removal surgeries, and other skin procedures. Dermatologists also prefer the use of numbing cream in course of the treatments.
  2. In cosmetic laser treatments- when numbing creams are applied over the particular skin treatment site, it reduces the possibility of severe pains increases the chances of completion of treatments with ease. Individuals also feel relief from skin discomfort and are thus motivated the carry out the procedures.
  3. In tattoo inking procedures-tattooing sessions for alluring and significant designs involves inking process with needle pinching experience over the skin but using numbing creams beforehand always provide relief from fear of fain and stress due to insensitivity in that particular tattoo placement skin site. This gives an easy and tensionless tattooing session between the tattoo wearer and the artist.
  4. For immediate and urgent calls- due to some unexpected incidents and accidents, the skin suffers discomfort in various lanes. For example- insect stings and insect bites are such a condition where blisters, redness, itching, pain are being given relief by using numbing creams.

In case of accidents, cuts and scratches present the same situation and are handled with the same alternative to ease or rinse off the pain-numbing cream for skin.

  1. In response to skin irritants- many times due to exposure of skin with some unusual skin irritants can raise allergic kind of reactions on the skin, for example- exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, etc. But in response, numbing cream are used as first aid before any treatments to provide instant relief from skin discomfort.
  2. For sunburns- exposure to sunlight, sometimes u-v rays cause sunburns on the skin. Applying numbing creams over the skin affected by sunburns can provide relief from skin discomforts.

Also, numbing creams provide relief from excessive burning sensation or any skin discomfort like itching, pain, redness, blisters caused due to burns.

  1. For hair removal procedures (waxing)- some of the individuals face severe pain and some sort of skin discomfort (itching, rashes, irritation, redness, etc. ) during hair removal procedures i.e. Waxing, to remove these obstacles and get an easy waxing session, individuals apply numbing cream over the areas need to be waxed. It also enhances the enthusiasm to get such procedures done without hesitation or fear of pain and severe discomfort.
  2. Promotes confidence- getting skin procedures with the help of numbing creams, done on a timely schedule without any discomfort or delay due to the required rest periods between intervals of treatments as being intolerant to the excessive pain is a plus effect or benefit on the part of using such numbing cream for skin.

In this way, numbing cream for skin places its benefits in skin-related procedures and treatments. Numbing creams not only ease the task for individuals having the treatments but also make the stress-free environment for the artist or surgeons to work on. The most impressive quality of numbing cream of particular desensitization makes it in demand and it also, act as a catalyst in motivating the individual for getting their skin treatments done with ease without compromising their skin quality and preventing the skin problem from getting at the worsening stage.


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