Meet the Innovative Companies Making Groundbreaking Impact in the Tech Space

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Since its inception, the tech industry as a whole has experienced huge spikes of growth and development. Each industry has its own fair share of giants, but new entrants are always in play. For instance, the computer industry has had leaders such as IBM, which were gradually joined by HP, Apple, and Dell.

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The smart device industry has also witnessed an evolution of leaders such as Nokia, Tecno, Samsung, and Apple, who are joined by other global entities like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and more. The trifecta of the space race is a good example of the endurance of innovators: Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX crafts all launched within the last year, pushing the boundaries on what’s possible.

Emerging technology is being developed in every sector, notably finance, entertainment, data, healthcare, and automation of all kinds. But only a few companies have been able to make giant strides to effectively satisfy market needs and create lasting solutions. Below are ten of the top ingenious tech companies making a ground-breaking impact in their space:


DataStax delivers the NoSQL* (non-relational) database to cover the data that is most relevant to the real-time operation of a company. It provides a database for the data required to keep the business running per time.

DataStax’s Astra DB Cloud Storage allows organizations to leverage simple data APIs to build using strong and scalable databases such as the Apache Cassandra. One of the biggest recipients of the Apache Cassandra database system is the award-winning finance app Mint Bills- an app designed to help users manage bill payments and conduct their day-to-day financial life.

However, Mint Bills’ ever-increasing customer base required a system that would allow it to integrate offline data with online transactions. DataStax Enterprise currently serves this need by providing 21 nodes in one cluster and storing 15 TB of transactional data for Mint Bills.

This varied reach of DataStax tools has given it center stage in the data industry. As such, the brand has numerous world-class customers including Verizon, T-Mobile, Capital One, Intuit, Priceline, The Home Depot, and many more.


Prospero.Ai is dedicated to creating a smooth and fair finance journey for everyone. The founders Adam Plante, Niles Plante, and George Kailas created a special tool that could close the widening wealth gap and allow more people to enter the field with less effort. So, while other fintech companies create products that would then make their users into products, Prospero doesn’t use customer data at all.

Historically, fintech companies have been known to give users less valuable information on how to make good and profitable investments, then skim the profit from free trades. Prospero’s proprietary AI platform makes short and long-term predictions for its users. As a joint patent with NYU, the team designed a product that offers real value to users. The signals it generates show the risk-and-reward of investment in simplified language to improve user comprehension and maximize investment returns.

Conductive Research

Conductive Research is all about building the front for Web 3.0 and the token utility as well. In the midst of the booming cryptocurrency industry and with cryptos fast gaining ground, Conductive Research is developing a conducive canopy under which communities and digital economies outside the crypto space can connect. The company’s aim is to bridge Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 via a wide spectrum of developer products and tools. This would fast-track the possibilities of economic gamification and the creation of more digital economies across various industries.

With the founding team being constituted of big-time Silicon Valley’s top players, game industry veterans, and Wall Street alumni, Conductive Research is already poised to conquer its industry with years of experience that will keep it at the forefront of the next phase of tech growth, internet development, and its economic impact across the world.

Highstreet Market

NFTs are attracting the spotlight at an unprecedented rate. This is why High Street Market is focused on creating an Amazon of the Metaverse by using the fractionalized NFTs to provide brands with real-time opportunities to list real products and sell them easily in an MMORPG game where all products hold the capacity to increase special powers in the game.

For instance, on Highstreet, a t-shirt could be body armour, shoes could be air-powered skates and backpacks could be jetpacks. Improved utility per time would increase the value of the products listed by the brands.

To a layman in the marketing sphere, this looks like an easy way to grab the attention of Gen Z and the booming crypto market. However, Highstreet is looking to carve a new form of revenue for companies with zero need for additional inventory. With the play-to-earn gameFi model employed by Highstreet, the industry will experience a facelift that would not just provide entry for real brands into the NFT market, but create lasting solutions to real-time problems in the industry, such as:


  • Audience engagement
  • Liquidation
  • Determination of prices of goods
  • The need to close the gap between the digital and physical world


SMP Robotics

The global technological reshape is already here. The pandemic has accelerated the expansion of automation, robotics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) and changed how people live their daily lives.

Market research reports that the global robotics market will climb from $25 billion in 2021 to between $160 billion and $260 billion by 2030, with market share for professional services robots hitting up to $170 billion and industrial and logistics robot sales topping off at about $80 billion. SMP Robotics is a California-based leader in developing robotic technologies, powered by AI, to assist, improve and deliver on new expectations. SMP Robotics founder Leo Ryzhenko says, “Special purpose services robots will dominate many sectors of the global economy. We stand at the forefront of the security robotic revolution, making an impactful change for everyone.”



With a female founding team, the tech startup Symba is a SaaS platform that eases the process of talent development.

Symba’s all-in-one program management system effectively supplies analytic tools which companies can utilize to create onboarding programs. These tools can also be used to manage projects, receive necessary feedback, track project success, and foster community relationships. All of these features help organizations find talents, build and scale human capital, train team members, and present personnel as internal solution providers and external real-time problem solvers. In the long run, this will help companies retain staff and maintain employee trust.

The startup is on a mission to create a diverse and inclusive workplace with equal access for everyone without any discrimination as to their race, color, ability, and gender Symba began as an offshoot of a project by CEO Ahva Sadeghi, specifically a human rights fellowship with the late Congressman John Lewis. Nikita Gupta, the company’s CTO, joined to make the Symba vision into reality.

Symba is not just another on-desk project anymore; the brand now works with top organizations including Sprinklr, Yupro, Pivotal, Robinhood, INROADS, and ViacomCBS to redefine and improve their talent development programs and expand their workforce. The brand won the 2021 GSV Cup, the World’s Largest Pitch Competition.

When they founded in 2017, Alexander Hagerup and Kristoffer Roil were resolved to solve accounting problems and make lasting changes in the industry. automates accounting functions, helping users alleviate the need for manpower and resources to accomplish basic tasks. The platform also enables accounting teams and firms to make autonomous real-time accounting calculations which are powered by a hyper-sensitive AI, optimized to screen, vet, and revise any decisions relating to finance, including income, expense, and expenditure.

One of the many ways Vic also helps users manage their finance and investment is through autonomous invoice processing.

The entire Vic system allows the AI to carry out specific tasks ranging from invoice entry to matching, classification, and even approvals. It leverages technology to apply real-time reasoning and strategy on the data inputted with no supervision from the user. has been able to blend intelligence into real-time accounting as it accepts and supports several file modes through its Ingest system. These file modes include e-mail, PDF, EDIs and numerous electronic formats.



Despite the fact that the outdoor service industry is one of the biggest in the U.S., with over 200,000+ businesses, the niche still lacks significant growth in its adoption and implementation of modern software. In an effort to bring software solutions to the industry, Attentive built a SaaS solution that has received wide-range coverage and use, and impressive reviews as well. It streamlines sales automation as the buyers purchase in the shop. It is informed by and supports long-term research and development with state-of-the-art computer vision models.

The founders, Shiva Dhawan and Sarthak Vijay are both graduates of IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigious institutes in India. The duo first began building the tech behind Attentive during an attempt to create scalable geospatial mapping technology for P&C maps and insurance companies. This led to the discovery of AI models which would get accurate automatic site measurements from aerial images. This is one of the biggest challenges experienced by outdoor service businesses, as accurate site measurements could previously only be derived when done manually.

Attentive was created to address this common need. The introduction of automation has made accurate measurement not just easy, but also very accessible to the average outdoor service business owner.


With its fast-paced, innovative, and impactful strides, OPTT is changing the face and future of the mental healthcare industry forever. By deploying an AI-enabled platform, the company is equipping clinicians with all the tools required for providing smooth, effective, fully customizable, and clinically validated telepsychiatry services.

This scalable solution increases the ease of assessing mental health services for patients while increasing the caring strength by 400%. This, in turn, helps to reduce the strain on health workers and the healthcare system, which is always overloaded with demands. This could continue to worsen. as there are over 40 million people across the U.S. and Canada without any access to mental healthcare. The situation looks to become twice as dire with 50% of psychiatrists in the present-day U.S. set to retire by 2025.

In a recent UCSF health award, OPTT was selected as a quarter-finalist, in recognition of the lead role it is playing in modern health technology. This has placed it on par with other major players in the healthcare industry such as Cityblock, Better Help and Neuroflow.


Mosaic is building the first strategic finance platform to fuel agile planning, real-time reporting, and better decision-making for today’s fastest-growing companies. By ingesting data from core systems of record— ERP, CRM, HRIS, and billing systems—Mosaic helps teams analyze their numbers and forecast the future with greater accuracy and speed. With Mosaic, finance teams can break the cycle of backward-looking reporting and become the strategic, forward-looking partner that businesses need. Founded in 2019 by Bijan Moallemi, Brian Campbell, and Joseph Garafalo, Mosaic is deployed by high-growth finance teams globally, including Fivetran, Canvas, and Sourcegraph, helping them to align, collaborate and plan for the future.



To many, starting a company looks like a walk in the park but to professionals, it requires great innovation and diligence. With just 20% of established startups surviving to maturity, it is a landmark achievement to not just begin with an idea, but nurture it and sell it to the target audience and keep generating profits and earning recognition. The tech industry is known for its competitiveness. While there are a lot more companies out there doing great things, the ten on this list have been able to set the pace and standard of growth, research, and development in their niches.

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