How To Add a Button With a Link to WhatsApp on Instagram

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Gone are the days when Instagram was just used to post some photos of personal life. Today the social network has become one of the biggest and best working tools for the digital marketing market, sales and many others, as it has become a means of high visibility advertising .

And WhatsApp is the world’s most frequently used messaging app. Some users would even go out of their way to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to an iPhone, in a phone switch. Simply because WhatsApp is way too important for their business and life. Therefore, adding a link to WhatsApp on your Instagram is definitely a worthy effort.

For this reason, the application, which is always being updated, added the option of inserting a button to contact WhatsApp in the profile, in order to facilitate communication. But do you know how to add it to your profile?

The feature is available for Android and iOS ( Apple ) version and is the fastest chat version of the messenger, allowing you to add the person to your contact list or not, if it’s a quick chat without commitment, like just a budget, for example.

For now, the button can only be used in professional type accounts, aimed at companies, businesses or content producers who want to facilitate the interaction of their followers. To do this, you must edit your profile and change your account type:

Instagram switch to professional profile


If the option is activated, you will be able to edit the means of contact through which users will be able to contact you.

Remembering that there is not only this option to have your WhatsApp on Instagram. There are two more ways. One is by putting your number in text format directly into your biography description.

The other way is to generate a link with your contact through the website For this, you must write after the url bar your number with country code, area code and telephone number. For example, a fictitious phone in Rio de Janeiro would use: 55 (Brazil code), 21 (Rio de Janeiro DDD) and the number 12345-6789, generating the following URL: From there, just copy the link and place it in the description on the profile.

But let’s go step by step!

Step 1 – Access your Instagram profile and click on “Edit” and then on “Contact Options”.

Step 2 – Click on the “WhatsApp” option to go to the page and configure the resource. At this point, after entering your phone number, click on send code. The process is required for verification of your contact.


Step 3 – In a moment you will receive five numbers via SMS for verification. Just type them in the indicated field to add your WhatsApp account.

Step 4 – Go to the “Profile View” option and activate the “View Contact Information” feature. Once that’s done, click on finish to save the changes and check your profile.

Ready! Button with WhatsApp link added. To see how people will see your number, just click “Contact” on your profile screen and the phone will be revealed, directing the person to have a conversation with you.

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