JPT: has provided BYD with laser processing solutions

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JPT announced on the investor interaction platform on June 14 that it was involved in the packaging process of the upstream pump source. Furthermore, in response to the question “BYD’s recent sales of new energy vehicles have increased month after month, whether BYD’s need for your firm’s lasers and laser equipment has changed,” the company has offered clients with laser processing solutions that meet their laser processing needs.

According to the reports, JPT’s primary business is the research and development, production, and sale of lasers and intelligent equipment, which are generally utilized for precise testing as well as the micro-processing of interconnects and semiconductor devices connected to optoelectronics. Since the iPhone X pioneered 3D face recognition with VCSEL processors, Android manufacturers have closely followed suit. JPT has also launched VCSEL module testing automation equipment, which has realized fully automatic VCSEL module testing with a single machine due to the industry’s interest in VCSEL. 

According to JPT, the company’s current laser product line comprises MOPA lasers, continuous wave lasers, solid-state lasers, ultrafast lasers, semiconductor lasers, and other market-leading solutions that cover all sorts of lasers used in industrial processes. To meet market demand and ensure efficient internal operation, the laser optical intelligent equipment department reorganized its internal structure and established six major product lines, which primarily cover precision laser marking equipment, precision laser welding equipment, brittle materials process, module testing equipment, passive component equipment, and customized equipment. The overall organizational structure has been streamlined to be more flattened, and the business team’s level of autonomy has been elevated; these changes contribute to the activation of the company’s multiple product lines’ passion and innovative abilities.

According to JPT, the company has adhered to the industrial positioning of “laser +,” intensely cultivated the upstream core laser source technology, and realized the “Domestic substitution” through extensive collaboration with benchmark customers in consumer electronics, new energy, integrated circuits, semiconductors, and other industries. The corporation completed the process of simplifying and unifying the internal organizational structure in 2021. Because of the company’s research and development efforts in lasers and laser/intelligent optical equipment, the company was able to retain a robust technological and product reserve used in various situations across a wide range of downstream sectors. This was most likely advantageous to the company, both in terms of continued expansion and the introduction of new prospects.

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