Improving Your Presence on Instagram Organically

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The changing algorithm on Instagram is not helping the creators of content. It tends to prevent growth of a profile, restricting the number of likes and followers that it deserves which might force you to try and buy Instagram followers.

It is something that makes majority of the Instagram users to look for growth service for organic followers or the way to increase Instagram following. It is a common scenario to find Instagram growth service for followers’ free trial, free likes online on Instagram which are likely going to help you with your engagement on Instagram.

If you are searching for growth on your Instagram presence in an organic manner, and get more likes on your Instagram, you need to go to the correct place. The following are ways in which you can rise above the Instagram code, making the presence of your account to matter.


Instagram is known to be a place allowing you to showcase your content or brand in a different way be it captions, posts, reels or videos. You don’t have to stop creating. You have to treat the profile of your Instagram with punctuality. It is necessary that you post each day if not several times in a day. It is understandable that there is no time, thus, it become beneficial knowing the right time when you should post. It needs to be that time when they are likely to perform best and place up your content accordingly.

When you make regular posting on your Instagram account, it is encouraging but you have to avoid to be tardy, creating a gap in your rate of engagement. It ends up affecting your profile and does not show your content readily to your followers. It is only about 10% of your followers who get to view your content that you post and if you aren’t regular, the number might decrease significantly as they are not engaging with your content.

Targeted engagement and interactions

At the end of it all, Instagram remain a community. A social, modern village that you are able to grow by having to support each other thus you have to interact with other users who are on the platform. But this doesn’t mean that you have to engage and comment using random accounts. It is important to ensure that you engage using accounts of the ones that have the potential of becoming your followers.

That means that, you need to get an account which has a similar niche like your profile and try to engage with them through commenting, liking and sharing the posts they recently did. That will be able to encourage them to check your profile also and in case the niche matches, chances are that they are going to follow you.

Get read of fake/bot accounts

When on Instagram and you equate it to an ocean, then you should equate the accounts to be fish with some alive while others are dead. The fake/bot accounts are one your account growth prime restriction. Thus, you need to get rid of them as soon as you can. They are taken by Instagram as a breach of trust. The management takes the initiative of shutting them down as they are accounts which are inactive but that is not enough, you will need to work on them too.

With Instagram, 10% of your followers being actively following your content, the active users might be the ones that came across your post. The active users are known to be the ones who are engaging with your post while the bots will not.

So when you have several bots accounts or the fake accounts in your list of followers, it tends to be more likely that your content will reach a lesser number of people and you will not get enough likes. Thus, it is encouraging that you take the initiative of removing the inactive accounts from that list so that you get more organic growth and, in the process, get more likes.

Hashtag and its importance

You don’t have to take the hashtag in a light manner as they could be what you require to go viral. To grow on Instagram organically means that you will need to use the correct hashtags. With that if you are out trying to market your brand, it is required that you create a hashtag for yourself. That is the way the prospective followers can be able to get to your account.

You can as well target hashtags for niche by having to look for them on the explore of Instagram. It is possible to go ahead by engaging with particular posts under the hashtag by ensuring you leave a comment which is valuable instead of a generic one. It will help to connect you with accounts which are similar to yours.

But you need to avoid loading your posts with so many hashtags. You need to rather utilize the concentrated and relevant amount of hashtags. There are particular hashtags that you can focus on to ensure that your posts get an edge.

Hashtags which are trending, hashtags which are branded and hashtags for location allow you in reaching to a wider number of people. To use hashtags is one of the authentic ways to ensure that your followers and likes have improved and grow you bigger on Instagram.

Engagement with audience

The main growth promoters tend to be your audience. Your viewers or followers are the ones that might end up helping you to grow in a way which is most authentic by having to share and save your content. The interacting with the audience is very important.

Giveaways to hosts, asking questions to your followers via your posts, Instagram polls and interacting with your audience might be the way to go. You need to as well consider the idea of hosting on Instagram live sessions and allowing your followers to join you. Through that, you are going to increase content anticipation as well as increase respect and love for you as the person.

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