How to Save Yourself from Getting Scammed When Ordering Weed Online?

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When you order weed online, there are several complications that you will come across. Not only do you have to consider the quality of the weed, but there are also other factors that you need to be mindful of as well. Ideally, if you are a beginner, there are chances that you’d be struggling to find the right platforms or the ideal online stores that won’t scam you for your money.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online stores that sell well. However, not every single one of them will live up to your standards. Some are straight-up scams and fraudulent approaches, which ends up being a complete waste of time and money.

If you are considering buying weed online, there are several factors that you should consider before you end up getting scammed. For your convenience, we have sorted out the important pointers that you should be factored in before making the final purchase.

Ask your friends or family

If you know people in your circle who are into weed or cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, there’s nothing wrong with asking them for referrals. Chances are that the majority of the individuals who are experts with weed will have references for the right platforms to shop from. This is hands down one of the best options that can get you from getting scammed altogether. Ideally, asking someone you know gives you the trust that you won’t end up getting scammed in the process. So, the first step to saving yourself from getting scammed is by getting in some references.

Do your research

The advent of the internet has simplified a lot of our work when it comes to finding good platforms for buying weed. If you aren’t doing your research right, chances are that you will be missing out on a lot of options and the quality of the weed that is available in the market. If you live in a certain state in the United States and want to buy some weed online from a local dispensary, all you have to do is a simple Google Search. That is all there is to the process. However, this is where most of us fail. Instead of falling trap to the first search result that comes up, go in-depth into all the options before you end up selecting one.

Look for legalities

Marijuana isn’t legal in every country across the world. Due to its potent consequences and side effects, some states and countries don’t allow the trade of the weed. If you are in a country that comes with such restrictions, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations first. This is where most of the first-time buyers skip out on. You need to ensure that the weed is sold by a legal and licensed online platform with proper and transparent documentation for the same. If the platform is licensed, chances are that they will have all of those documentations displayed on their website itself. Make sure you check those thoroughly.

Don’t prioritize the price

Yes, buying marijuana is not a cheap affair. The buds are expensive because there is a lot that goes into harvesting and yielding them with high quality. The budtenders work day in and day out to provide their customers with the absolute best quality of weed. If you aren’t paying close attention to the quality and ONLY prioritizing the price, you are likely going to get scammed. You will find an online website selling Sour Diesel for $80 and another selling the “same strain” for $30. Some websites do the same. However, the $30 product is likely of poor quality and doesn’t contain just the marijuana bud and is stuffed with leaves, stem as fillers.

Not comparing the websites

When you are considering buying marijuana as a beginner from online stores, one of the most common mistakes that can get you scammed is not comparing the websites. Not just the quality, doing a thorough comparison also allows you to get a comprehensive outlook on the price point, quality, reviews and also the shipping process of the businesses. It is okay to rely on one website but you should always do the same after you are done comparing it with its top contenders. Sometimes, a quick comparison can save you a lot of money and get you better quality weed to smoke.

Read the return or shipping policies

Another important thing that you should do to avoid getting scammed by online weed websites is to check the shipping policies. 9 out of 10 times, there won’t be any return or exchange policies since weeds once sent out don’t hold any value when they are returned. They also lack authenticity, which is another reason the budtenders are very adamant about the no-return policy. However, that said, you should read about the shipping policies. In case something does go wrong in the transit, you can reach back to the customer care of the website and initiate the rightful refund. This can prevent your lot from getting scammed in the process.

Be sure of your choice

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or an experienced weed buyer, when buying online, make sure you have an idea about the strain you wish to buy. Some individuals can make do with any strain. However, if you are particular, test a few samples out from the local dispensary, and check which strain sits the best with your taste buds. Some come with high THC and high CBD, some with the complete opposite. We’d recommend that you have a thorough outlook on the choices and pick the one that best suits your needs.


The popularity of the online weed business is on the rise, so it isn’t surprising that more and more individuals are switching to buying weed online. If you are stuck on the same bandwagon, you must follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid getting scammed during your purchase. Sometimes, all you need to do is practice some awareness.


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