How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

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For your website to have an online presence, it must be hosted in some way. There are two major types of hosting: shared and dedicated hosting. Although most people use shared hosting, dedicated hosting has more benefits compared to shared hosting.

While your website can still run on a shared server, you may experience challenges as your business grows. For example, you will experience a lot of downtimes because many people are using the same server. This is where dedicated hosting comes in

What is dedicated hosting?

A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where a whole server is allocated to you. This gives you more control over your site and ensures that there’s no interference from other websites. Dedicated servers are more expensive compared to shared servers. This is because you are allocated a lot of resources without sharing them with anyone.

Why are dedicated servers important?

According to Liquid Web, dedicated servers have a lot of benefits compared to shared servers. Shared server hosting is where several websites are hosted on a single server. This means that when there is traffic from a certain website, you are likely to experience downtime. But with dedicated servers, it is only your website that’s being hosted by the server.

How does a dedicated server work?

A hosting company gets a server computer and divides it into separate accounts in case of shared hosting. The host can also use virtual private machines with the help of special server software. The accounts or virtual machines are then rented or sold to users at a small fee. A server designed for shared hosting can have hundreds or even thousands of user accounts running on it.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand is where a web hosting company leases or rents the whole server computer to one user. The hosting computer is not shared with any other client. All the available resources are at the disposal of the single user.

Reasons why you need dedicated hosting:

1. Dedicated resources

When you opt for dedicated hosting, you are entitled to all the resources within that server. This gives you peace of mind as there will be no need to worry about other websites jamming your servers. Your visitors will have a better user experience compared to those using shared servers.

2. Improved security

Going for a dedicated hosting provider ensures maximum uptime for the website. The main problem with dedicated servers is that thousands of websites are hosted on the same server. This generally makes your website vulnerable to attacks and phishing activities.

3. Improved performance

One of the main reasons why many people choose dedicated servers is to offer better services to their clients. This is simply because all resources in dedicated servers belong to a single client. This means that no matter how huge traffic your website is experiencing, there will be no buffering or downtime.

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Bottom line

There’s no doubt that dedicated hosting has more benefits compared to shared hosting. As a business owner, your main objective is to offer customers the best user experience.

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