For What Amenities Pawleys Island Is Famous?

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Pawleys island is a barrier island in the southernmost portion of Georgetown County, South Carolina. Beaches on the island are open during daylight hours. It can be accessed by car or boat via a single road that crosses the sandbar to reach it from Beaufort-Jasper County, where most Pawleys Island lies. At certain times of the year, water depths are shallow enough to reach the island by foot at low tide.

The island is most popular from the late spring through fall when the weather is warm and pleasant. Recreational activities on the island include swimming in the ocean and sound, sunbathing on the beach, and pier fishing. In addition, an assortment of vacation homes can be found on pawleys island, restaurants, a small nightclub/bar called “the sound side,” an ice cream shop, and a small market.

If you’re looking for a picturesque coastal retreat that will bring back memories of old South Carolina, then Pawleys Island is your destination. This historic fishing village is famous for its award-winning beach, laid-back vibe, and excellent seafood restaurants. Here are some of the amenities that this tiny island has to offer.

  1. C./Heating – The island has no central air or heat, but the freezers in each of the homes have a small compressor that can be used to boot up fans and such.
  2. Electricity – There is an electric service at the beach. About 48 percent of homes on this island have central heating, while most have gas or oil heaters. Low voltage wiring is also available for lighting and appliances in most homes.
  3. Sewer – There are no public sewer or water services on Pawleys Island. All homes have septic tanks and private wells, although some may go dry during the summer months. All residents must pump out their septic tanks periodically. Most residents take their trash to the county dump located a half-mile from the island’s south end.
  4. Cell phone – Most homes on the island have cell phone service, but some areas in the backwoods do not have cell phone reception. There are a couple of payphones aboard the Pawleys Island ferry for those who wish to use them for emergency calls only. It can be difficult to get cell phone reception in the winter due to weather and tree coverage, but around Christmas and Easter, this problem goes away completely.
  5. Internet Access – The island has free wireless access at the beach. It is also possible to get cable internet for about $12 per month (about 6mbps) and DSL for about $25 a month (about 2mbps).
  6. School System – There is a school system, but the state does not run it. The city of Pawleys Island runs it. The University of South Carolina operates a satellite campus here.
  7. Health Care – The pawleys island area has three health care facilities and one dentist’s office on the island, but there are a few options in Beaufort County as well.
  8. Grocery Stores – The island has two stores. The main store is located at the corner of the island, where you will also find an ice cream shop and a little market.
  9. Sewing / Fabric Stores – Five sewing stores on the island are open year-round, but most are closed on Sunday and Monday.
  10. Mail – There is a post office here and nearby post offices in Beaufort County, where mail can be picked up.
  11. Pawn Shop – There are two on the island. One is a gun shop, and the other is an electronics store.
  12. Pharmacies – There are three pharmacies in the area, but none offer walk-in service. They will deliver medications to you if you need them.
  13. Bars / Restaurants – The island has several bars and restaurants, including a cafeteria-style restaurant next to the pier at the beach that is open seasonally from spring through fall.
  14. Kayaks – Kayaks can be rented seasonally (May through October).
  15. Small Market – There is a small market open every day of the year.
  16. Golf Courses – There is a golf course on pawleys island, but it’s for members only. You must be an established member to play.
  17. Marina / Boat Rental – The marina is open year-round and rents kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes all season long.
  18. Beach – The beach is open every day of the year. There is also a small seasonal beach house (May through October) that you can rent for $500 a week.
  19. Pier / Fishing Pier – The pier itself is open all year long and has free parking, but rentals are only offered seasonally (May through October). You can also rent fishing chairs and tackle boxes at the public pier at certain times during the year.
  20. Night Club / Bar – The beach has a small nightclub/bar called Sound Side. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your drinks or food to the club, and it usually charges a $10 cover.
  21. Yoga Classes – It’s not a yoga studio, but a yoga class on the island every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.
  22. Shops / Boutiques – The island has a few boutique shops (2) and the annual Pawleys Island Crafts Festival (usually held the second weekend in September).
  23. Movie Theater – The island only has one movie theater. It is located at the beach, and it’s open seasonally from May through October.
  24. Fishing Offshore – The island has three boat ramps (two at the beach and one on the north side of the island) open all year long, but fishing is only allowed in designated areas.
  25. Playground – There is a playground on the island, but it is next to the Pawleys Island Volunteer Fire Dept across from Granite Pointe Community Church.

The people who are not much aware of pawleys island can consider the details mentioned above as they are some of the significant amenities this island provides. However, if you are already aware of this location, the next thing is to know about this place because of the different types of facilities and amenities this island provides.

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