Whether for academic works or for common texts, the most suitable formats for this task are DOC, DOCX and PDF. Converting from one of them may seem complicated, but with Word and an online service it’s possible to make it easy. Check out!

Converting a DOC to PDF with Word

Converting a DOC to PDF can be done with Word itself without having to install any add-ons. Look:

  1. Open a DOC file with Word;
  2. Click on “File”;reproduction
  3. Select the “Save As” option;reproduction
  4. In the field for the file extension, select the option “PDF”;reproduction
  5. Set a name and finish saving the file.

Using other tools

The option to convert directly from Word from a DOC to PDF is very useful, however, it does not serve to do the reverse. Check out now how to convert a PDF to DOC:

  1. Access the PDF Converter website ;
  2. At the top, click on “PDF to Word”;reproduction
  3. In the field highlighted in the image below, select which Word format you want (DOC, DOCX or RTF);reproduction
  4. Click on “Select PDF File” and select the file to be converted;reproduction
  5. At the end of the conversion, download it.reproduction

The PDF Converter tool does your conversion efficiently, however, converted PDFs that have complex formatting may look different when opened in Word.