Amazon Prime Video October 2021: All New Movies, Series & Documentaries

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Amazon Prime Video October 2021: All New Movies, Series & Documentaries upcoming programs. And Amazon is very generous with a lot of new features between films, series and others!

Image 1: Amazon Prime Video October 2021: all new movies, series and documentaries

Season 2 of the famous series arrives at Prime Video - Credit: AMC

October 2021 is approaching and you know the tradition. The editorial team lists the new features to come from the various SVOD giants. Today, we are looking at the Prime Video catalog with a lot of new features! Chapter 3 of After finally arrives to the delight of fans in addition to the new season of The Walking Dead World Beyond . Not to mention the remake of a cult horror film from the 2000s: Remember Last Summer.

Not to be missed Amazon Prime Video October 2021: All New Movies, Series & Documentaries

The Walking Dead World Beyond , spin-off of the famous series (October 4)

The Walking Dead ends with the 11th season, currently airing. But the universe has not said its word with a spin-off allowing to enrich the mythology, The Walking Dead World Beyond . And the second season arrives at least October on Amazon Prime Video with the promise of intense moments (with zombies, obviously).

Remember Last Summer , Cult Horror Remake (October 15)

Kids of the 90s remember Remember last summer well . A slasher engraved in the memory of millions of spectators. And years later, a remake is now announced, available on Amazon Prime Video . The opportunity for a modernized version of a cult feature film for many.

After: Chapter 3 , the exclusive of the month (October 22)

After: Chapter 3 arrives exclusively at Amazon Prime Video and follows a new chapter in Tessa's life. His relationship with Hardin is more threatened than ever with many twists and turns. A film to be reserved for fans of the love franchise.

REC, a horrific found footage from Spain (October 18)

As Remember last summer , REC is a cult horror film. And the opportunity to discover (or rediscover) in October on Amazon Prime Video. A reporter goes to a building with the fire department because of an incident ... But things quickly turn sour in this horrific found footage experience, like Blair Witch .

Snowpiercer , a film with a strong ecological political theme (October 11)

Adaptation of a cult graphic novel, Snowpiercer stars Chris Evans (Captain America). The world is plunged into a new ice age, and the handful of survivors live in a giant ice-breaking train called the Snowpiercer. A vehicle condemned to circle the planet without ever stopping.

October 1st :

Queenpins> The creation of a counterfeit cartel of coupons by Phoenix housewives soon to be at the head of 40 million dollars..

My name is Pauli Murray> Fifteen years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, an entire decade before the United States Supreme Court struck down separation legislation but equality, advocate and priest Pauli Murray was already fighting for social justice. Murray has shaped a historic litigation - and awareness - around race and gender equality.

Bingo Hell> When an evil force threatens the inhabitants of a disadvantaged neighborhood, a courageous elderly person tries to stop them in Bingo Hell, an original and evil horror film.

October 4:

Infinite> Haunted by memories of unknown places, Evan McCauley joins a secret group of resurrected warriors: the Infinites. He sets off in search of answers in his memories which are the key to preventing the destruction of humanity.

October 8:

Madres> Beto and Diana move to a small town in 1970s California where Beto got a job as a farm manager. Isolated from the community and plagued by confusing nightmares, Diana explores the dilapidated corporate ranch where they reside.

The Manor> A malicious force attacks the residents of a sleeping nursing home in The Manor, a gothic yet modern horror story.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (season 2)> Second spin-off of The Walking Dead universe dedicated this time to the first generation of survivors who saw the light of day and grew up after the outbreak of the apocalypse.

October 11:

Snowpiercer> 2031. A new ice age. The last survivors took their places aboard the Snowpiercer, a gigantic train condemned to circle the Earth without ever stopping.

October 14:

Duncanville (season 2)> Friends and family - especially his mother, Annie - are constantly trying to stop Duncan from ruining his life.

October 15:

Remember Last Summer> A new version of the horror film "Remember Last Summer".

October 18:

Motherland: Fort Salem (season 2)> In an alternate America where witches made a deal with the government 300 years earlier so they wouldn't be persecuted again, three young women begin their training to become peerless fighters using magic in Fort of Salem.

Succession (US Season 3 + 24 Hours)> The rich and powerful Roy family, made up of Patriarch Logan and his four children, controls one of the world's largest media conglomerates. As their aging father slowly retires from the company, Connor, Kendall Roman and Siobhan contemplate the future of the business without him.

Rec, Rec 2, Rec Apocalypse and Rec Genesis> While following firefighters during an intervention, a reporter and her cameraman get stuck in a building under quarantine. Inside, they face strange creatures ...

October 22:

Max Boublil: new show

After: Chapter 3> New episode of the franchise

October 25:

Session> While trying to free their dormitory from the ghost of a little girl, a group of students mistakenly summons their killer.

October 29:

Maradona: The Blessed Dream> The journey of football player Diego Maradona, from his childhood in Argentina to the peak of his legendary career, punctuated by triumphs and multiple trials.

Fairfax (season 1)> Animated series for adults.

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