20+ Invisalign Before and After Photos That Will Make You Want to Call an Orthodontist Now

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Have you ever seen the before and after photos of someone who underwent Invisalign treatment at a reputable Invisalign clinic? Below are 20+ before and after Invisalign photos that will make you want to call an orthodontist right away.

Case#1.Invisalign Treatment

The teeth were not properly spaced and there were gaps on the teeth. Also, the lower teeth needed some cleaning. The Invisalign procedure took 9 months to complete and the results are incredible.

Case #2. Alignment and Arch Shape Before & After

Here, the patient wanted her lower teeth to be treated and the results were amazing.

Case #3. Alignment & Arch Expansion  with Butterfly Incisor Before & After

The dentist needed to do arch expansion and fix invisible aligners. The before and after results as evidenced by the photos below show a lot of improvement.

Case #4. Alignment & Arch  extension

This case needed some arch expansion, followed by alignment of the teeth. The result is impressive as the teeth are in a straight line. The smile esthetics has been improved.

Case #5. Invisalign

The teeth underwent a procedure to improve its bite relationship. It wasn’t seen as a serious problem.

Case #6. Invisalign & Expansion of teeth

Although this was a simple Invisalign procedure, it delivered impressive results. The teeth were expanded and this helped to improve the esthetics of the teeth. The doctor didn’t see it necessary to correct the bite relationship because it wasn’t seen as a serious problem.

Case #7. Invisalign treatment

These photos are for a patient who required an Invisalign procedure to improve the esthetics of the mile. The expected results were achieved within a short period.

Case#8. Crowding and Overbite

These before and after photos show a correction for overbite and crowding. This procedure took 15 months to complete.

Case#9. Crowding & Overbite

The dentist corrected both crowding and overbite in a detailed and meticulous orthodontics procedure that took 12 months to complete.

Case#10. Invisalign treatment

This Invisalign treatment before and after photos was for correcting overbite. The dentist also removed some overcrowded teeth.

Case#11.  Invisalign

The before and after photos indicate a lot of changes in the structure, as well as the positioning of the teeth. The crooked teeth were corrected with Invisalign treatment.

Case#12. Invisalign

The before and after photos below look quite different, thanks to the Invisalign procedure that was completed successfully.

Case#13. Invisalign to correct gapped and crooked teeth. Amazing results were achieved after 12 months.

Case#14. Invisalign treatment to correct crowding and misaligned teeth. The results look great!

Case#15. Invisalign treatment to correct misalignment.

Case#16. Invisalign treatment to correct overbite and crooked teeth. The before and after photos look amazingly different.

Case#17. Invisalign treatment to correct gaps and misalignments.

Case#18.  Invisalign procedure to correct gap on the upper middle teeth. The before and after results are awesome as evidenced by the photos.

Case#19. Invisalign to correct gaps and misalignments. It took 16 months to achieve the great looks as shown below.

Case#20. Invisalign treatment to correct misaligned and crooked teeth. The procedure took 17 months and the before and after photos show a drastic difference.

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